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If you’re looking for the perfect candidate to elevate the performance of your corporate team, Parkwood can help. Our Search Consultants include experts with proven knowledge of the most specialized industries -- ensuring that we can deliver talented candidates who are at the top of their field.


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Are you seeking a new position that rewards your experience and challenges your skills? Let Parkwood open doors to the professional life you deserve. We respect your privacy and have the tools - and talent - to help you excel.


Careers at Parkwood International!

For those unique individuals who are as focused and committed as we are, a career as a professional Search Consultant is an exciting and rewarding opportunity.  When you join our team, you join inspired professionals with an appetite for fun and an aptitude for success.


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Careers at Parkwood International

If you are an extremely motivated, high-energy individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to excel, you may find the perfect career awaits you at Parkwood International.

As one of the nation’s leading recruiting firms, we delight in finding great people to fill positions at top quality companies...and we’re just as passionate about guiding ambitious professionals toward the career of their dreams.  

If the idea of controlling your own destiny while guiding others toward a better future appeals to you, let’s get better acquainted!

What Does It Take?

Being a Search Consultant is not for everyone. It takes excellent people-skills, well-honed intuition, and a commitment to go above and beyond what’s expected.  The most successful Search Consultants possess a level of intensity that sets them apart from their peers at other organizations. 

Set Your Own Income!

At Parkwood, your earnings are a direct reflection of your effort.  The more you invest in your work, the more you will be rewarded.  We provide the training, the support, and the resources you need to succeed.  You provide the passion, discipline, and commitment to achieve your income goals.

A Team With Staying Power

The turnover rate at Parkwood is a fraction of industry averages. Why? Because when you join Parkwood, you join a team bound by a common set of Core Values, a healthy respect for work/life balance, and a shared desire to help every member succeed. 

What Our Members Say

Those who are already members of Parkwood International say it best:

  • “Parkwood is one of the most supportive organizations I’ve ever been part of...”
  • “I’ve never been exposed to such effective training...”
  • “For the first time in my life I look forward to coming to work...”
  • “With the support I receive from Parkwood I can’t miss reaching my grandest goals...”

Understanding the Job

Based on your expertise, we’ll help you determine an industry focus and build a marketing campaign to develop clients who need to staff open positions.  We’ll also train you to network with industry professionals who can generate leads to qualified candidates.  Using Parkwood’s proven methods, you’ll discover how to negotiate the entire process, from presenting candidates to your client - to closing a successful contract.

Secrets of Success

There’s really no “secret” to success at Parkwood. It takes undiminished passion to be the best in your field. It requires perceptive listening skills to understand your clients’ needs and help them meet their staffing goals.  It demands relentless effort to discover the right job opening for a talented candidate. Most importantly, it takes the joy of knowing that you’ve helped someone make a successful career transition in their own lives. 

Is Parkwood Right For You?

Dealing with people on both sides of the career equation is complex and takes an unusual degree of finesse and dedication to navigate successfully. That’s why Parkwood Search Consultants command substantial fees to perform this delicate balance successfully.  Consequently, we take our commitment to our Search Consultants very seriously.  

The training, support, and technological resources we dedicate to these highly-valued men and women are unparalleled in the recruiting industry. We select our Search Consultants from among the most capable prospects we locate in the marketplace.  

If you are equipped to pursue a career with Parkwood International, we’ll introduce you to some of these top earners so you learn first hand what it takes to succeed, and we’ll devote the time necessary to mutually determine if a career at Parkwood is right for you.  After all, that’s what we do for a living!  

Are you one of the exceptional individuals who loves a challenge and has the vision and determination to achieve what you want in life?  Do you truly enjoy helping others and celebrate their accomplishments?  Have your professional achievements inspired you to reach beyond your present position?  Then find out more about a career at Parkwood International!

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